As a physical therapist, massage therapist, equine sports massage therapist, gentle horsemanship practitioner, and lifetime animal lover, Ruth Mitchell-Golladay is able to combine knowledge with love while caring for the equine population. Ruth, a Texan, received her graduate degree in physical therapy from The University of Iowa in 1972 and opened a private practice in 1978. She then attended The Institute of Natural Healing Sciences in Colleyville, Texas and became Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1991.

Ruth began working with horses in 1990 and now specializes in the equine population. In 1994 she opened Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc. in Dallas, Texas (now based at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia) where she provides therapy for horse and rider. She uses her biomechanical knowledge to assist in determining a problem with the horse and then primarily uses Myofascial Release techniques to decrease the symptoms and/or dysfunction. In addition, she uses several modalities including photonic torch, laser, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound and specialized taping. She assists owners, trainers, and/or riders in a home program of care (including exercises as indicated) for them to complete between therapy visits.

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Professional Associations
Ruth is a member of The American Physical Therapy Association, The Orthopedic Section, Animal Special Interest Group. She is also a member of The American Massage Therapy Association and International Equine Body Workers Association.

Professional Training
Licensed Physical Therapist

State Certified Massage Therapist
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Certified Equine Body Worker

Former Senior Instructor / Coordinator / Seminar Leader
for John F. Barnes, Myofascial Release Centers and Seminars

Bachelor of Arts
Wartburg College, Waverly, IA

Certificate of Physical Therapy
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Certificate of Basic Massage Therapy
Institute of Natural Healing Sciences, Colleyville, TX

Certificate of Advanced Massage Therapy
Institute of Natural Healing Sciences, Colleyville, TX

Certified Equine Body Worker
Equinology, Inc., Wirtz, VA