Equine Myofascial Release

I first met Ruth Mitchell and her friend Maxeen several weeks ago when they came by to visit the shop. Ruth is a Certified Equine and People Myofascial Therapist. As providence would have it, I had a mare that had sustained a pasture injury to her right fore shoulder, so I asked if they would look at her. Upon briefly viewing Fizz and her movements, they came to the conclusion that there were several other problems, which started with the shoulder injury. Ruth has been treating the mare by herself since Max had to go back to Minnesota. She will be moving to this area shortly. Fizz was stiff in her right fore which caused her to overcompensate with her rear legs. Each step taken was a step and a hop with both rear legs together. We made an appointment for the following week, as these ladies were house hunting (for Max) when they stopped by. Fizz responded tremendously to just her first treatment. Ruth applied pressure and massages to the muscles in the upper body, hip and legs on Fizz. It was utterly amazing to see my grand mistress of the barn move more freely and with less discomfort after just this first treatment. The second treatment brought out a little jog in her. The step-hop as well disappeared. Fizz is now able to move each leg independently again. Each time Ruth works on her, she gets a little better in movement. We will continue Fizz’s treatments to hopefully get a full recovery for the next show season. If you are interested in finding out more on Myofascial Release Therapy or in need of a good Therapist I recommend you give Ruth a call. She does offer a free consultation. Contact Ruth at (540) 721-4545.

(Reprinted with permission from Fox Creek Saddlery, Bedford, VA)

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