To offer and provide
high quality, individualized professional care
for horse and rider

Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc., located in southwest Virginia, assists owners and veterinarians in caring for horses.  Whereas previously the skeletal system had been shown to respond to chiropractic care, the muscular/soft tissue component of the animal athlete has been largely ignored with the exception of medications to treat the symptoms.  It is for this reason Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc. was created – to assist in eliminating the cause as well as treating the symptoms (while not practicing veterinary medicine.)  In conjunction with traditional care, the horse can be returned to normal functioning more rapidly with treatment which has long been beneficial to humans.

Ruth Mitchell-Golladay has been a physical therapist since 1972, has had a private practice since 1978, and extended her practice to include animals in 1987.  Additionally, she is a nationally and state certified massage therapist and an Equinology Inc. equine body worker.  Ruth has also completed studies in Horsemanship “The Gentle Way”, which have provided her with “horse sense” to use while treating the equine patient.

At Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc., therapy is Ruth’s full time profession.  She is aware there are many marginally qualified (and probably uninsured) individuals simply appearing on ranches and “treating” horses (as a hobby) without the knowledge of the vet, and with limited education in this field.  Then (rightfully so), the vets have become upset. With the combined licensing and experience of 39 years of working closely with physicians, Ruth is seeking to approach the situation of equine care (or the care of any animal) from a much more professional, legal, and ethical angle.  Although Ruth can treat a number of equestrian problems, the intention is a team approach, communicating and working in conjunction with the vet (such as obtaining a diagnosis, complete history of the animal, as well as any contraindications.)

In addition to treating the horse Ruth treats the other athlete in the team – the rider. Treatment for the rider is not a “luxury” if the rider’s dysfunctions are causing the performance of the team to be “off.”